Join us for the weekly vigil at Pack Square Vance Monument, Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:00pm.

On the air (Veterans Voices), in print (War Crimes Times), & in person (VFP HQ)

NEW MEETING TIME: Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm
Chapter 099 will meet next on July 9
Visit VFP HQ at Phil Mechanic Studios, 10
9 Roberts St., Asheville, NC 28801 (828-258-1800). Hours: Tue-Sat 11am to 3 pm

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Michael McPhearson came to Ashville this week

And here are some photos from Jim Brown. Michael is the Interim Executive Director of Veterans for Peace. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Convention information

The convention committee has secured the following speakers. 

Cynthia McKinney, American Politician and Activist
Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Founder of SOAW
Camilo E. Mejia, First Iraqi War Resister
Col Ann Wright, Former U.S. Army Colonel
Margaret Stevens, VFP Board Member
Mike Prysner, VFP Board Member, March Forward
Maggie Martin, IVAW Executive Director & Membership Coordinator
Ben Griffin, Founder of VFP UK Chapter
Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran
Leah Bolger, Past VFP President
Patrick McCann, VFP Board President
Michael McPhearson, VFP Interim Executive Director
Convention Registration
Register today for this year's convention!  Register online or download a copy and mail in to Veterans For Peace, Convention Registration, 216 S. Meramec Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63105

Full Convention Registration
Includes all activities Wednesday through Sunday, and the Saturday night banquet.  McCutcheon Concert not included.
Reduced Rate Registration
This rate is available to all dues paying VFP national members and workshop presenters.  Includes all activities Wednesday through Sunday, and the Saturday night banquet.
One Day Registration
$ 55
For those who cannot attend for more than one day.  *Banquet Dinner not included*
Two Day Registration
$ 75
For those who cannot attend for more than two days.  *Banquet Dinner not included*
Banquet Only
$ 55
Saturday Banquet
Post 9-11 Veterans
$  0
Travel and housing assistance are also available.   Post 9-11 Registration

Dorm Registration
VFP has arranged accommodations for this year's convention @ University of North Carolina - Asheville. The dorms are suite-style with up to 3 bedrooms connected by a bathroom.  Each dorm room is equipped with a one or two XL twin bed(s), microwave, small refrigerator, internet connection, and local TV service free of charge.

Dorm Room Pricing
Single Occupancy
$76 per night
Double Occupancy
$42 per night, per person
Linen Fee
$18 - one time fee

You have the option to bring your own linen.  The University will charge a one time linen service fee of $18 which includes:  two bath towels and one washcloth, one sheet set, a pillow, and a blanket.

Shuttle Service
Shuttle service will be provided from Charlotte Area and Asheville Airport. Charlotte Shuttle Service will be available for a nominal fee.  Fee has not been determined.  Signup here. Contact Gerry Werhan at to signup for Asheville shuttle service.

Saturday, May 24, 2014



Greetings fellow Veterans For Peace and all who seek peace in our world.  That quote above, attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, isn't the theme of the 2014 Veterans for Peace convention in Asheville this July but I'm using it as an invitation to action in support of the convention. The actual theme of the convention is “PEACE OR PERISH – ABOLISH WAR ON PLANET AND POOR”.
No doubt the week of July 23 - 27 will be yet another tragic week of worldwide institutional and militaristic mayhem causing death, destruction, impoverishment and oppression, all in the pursuit of preparing for war, waging war and profiting from war. That same week in Asheville, however, will be the one place on earth where so many peace-seeking people will be gathered in community for learning, discussion, contemplation and action in direct opposition of that mayhem.
Will you be the change that you wish to see in our world?  Opportunities to act in support of this event are varied and numerous.
Could you/would you make available some space in your Asheville area home to house one or more kindred souls wishing to attend the convention, who cannot afford any other form of available housing? Let me know if you would and I'll contact you to gather some information and let you know how that would work. (Contact Gerry at
Could you/would you serve as a volunteer in one or more of the following roles? Please note: There will be a need to fill multiple shifts and multiples of each role and there will be orientation provided to ensure you are knowledgeable and comfortable in filling the roles you volunteer for. The more volunteers we have, the more time each will have to attend the convention program events. There will also be a limited number of opportunities to volunteer for a full day and attend selected program events at a reduced rate. Please mention that if interested.
*Pedestrian Traffic Guide on campus, helping attendees get to the right places at the right times to get the most out their time among us.
*Merchandise Table Assistant, keeping items organized and secure. National VFP Representative would handle the money.
*Registration Table Assistant, warmly greeting attendees, distributing registration packets, providing information. National VFP Representative would handle money and related registration details.
*Workshop Assistant, helping presenters with some clerical tasks to free them up to do their work as effectively as possible.
*Driver - We'll have two 15 passenger vans in use during the convention to help meet the various transportation needs of our attendees as best we can and when other transportation options won't do.
Could you/would you serve on our Person-to-Person Contact Team? As we receive registrations (already happening) we'd like to have Chapter 99 members, and others in the local progressive community, send an email as soon as possible to each registrant in the spirit of welcome, assistance and fellowship that we'd hope would build community leading up to the convention, during the convention and beyond. Please note: I will provide you with the basic content of the email, to which you can add your personal touch. All of these opportunities offer the potential for personal demonstration of a commitment to peace in our world in meaningful and practical ways. It's my hope that I'll be overwhelmed with responses and have the opportunity to work with you to help you show that commitment, especially as representatives of the Asheville area, progressive and VFP community. Please email me to let me know how you want to help. For those reading this that have already volunteered, please let me know if you have a preference for any of the roles described above. Also, please forward this email to your like-minded friends, family and organizational contacts to ensure that they, too, have this singular opportunity to “Be the Change That They Wish to see in the World”.
Semper Fidelis et Pacificus
Gerry Werhan
Volunteer Coordinator
Registration for the convention and information at this link.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Street clean up

Our chapter president Ron Harayda and member Jim Brown participating in the street clean up today.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vets for Peace at the VA with Land of the Sky UCC

On Sept 11, 2013, members of VFP099 gathered at the Veterans Administration hospital with members of the Land of the Sky UCC church to assemble three car loads of household equipment and supplies for the HUD-VASH veterans housing project run by the VA. VFP gathered kitchen utensils and cleaning equipment and supplies.  Enough stuff was brought to furnish 15 apartments for formerly homeless veterans.  Ken Ashe, Lyle Petersen, Charlie St. Clair and Gerry Werhan are shown celebrating.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Veterans for Peace vigil on September 3, 2013

 Photos are by Jim Brown, and were taken at Vance Monument in downtown Asheville. The vigil has been going on for over a decade, every Tuesday from 5 to 6 PM, a bit earlier in the wintertime.

Ron, our chapter president.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vets for Peace in protest on 8-31-13

 On the left is Jim Duffy, vice president, then John Spitzberg, with Ron Harayda, chapter president, in the chair and Susan Oehler holding the sign War is Not the Answer.